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A great journey through Ireland!

Hiya! Back home again after a great journey with my family! After they finally found my house on the 30th March, we made our way to the Hotel. On tuesday we headed off early in the morning to see all important sights in Dublin. First we went to Trinity college, which is famous for the "Book of Kells" - the oldest book of Ireland.


After that we jumped on the bus (as there is no underground in the City because there are so many rivers under the surface) to Guiness Storehouse. That's the place where the very famous Irish beer is brewed. They designed the brewery very attractive for tourists, as they built an impressing visitor centre, where the whole history and the process of the manufacturing from the ingredients to the finally sold Guiness is shown. Even a tasting station was included where we got a sample of the beer. It has a very significant taste that it is not everybody's thing. After that we covered all the rest of the sights like the "Halfpenny bridge" (it got its name in former times when people had to pay half a penny to cross over) then "The Spire" (a more modern piece of art in the middle of O'Connell Str)  And we strolled up and down in the Major (Shopping) streets such as Mary Str., Henry Str. and Grafton Str as well.

There is a lot more to see like the Croke park (a big Stadium where the matches of the Irish national sport - Rugby and Gaelic Football - are carried out) or the beautiful parks and markets .

When Dubling was done we set off to our actual journey the next day.

Our first destination was Cork City. We made a stop halfway at the Rock of Cashel, which is one of the thousand castles in Ireland that were built in medieval times. Luckily the entrance was free at that day as admissions are quite expensive - like nearly everthing else in Ireland.

Finally in Cork - already starving -  we went through the City in search for a lovely Irish Pub to have dinner, which we finally found The Pub was so lovely that is was nearly a bit overdone.

On thursday our programme consisted of Blarney Castle and Killarney. The former was actually great! The park surrounding the castle was indeed beautiful and we had the honour of doing a great tourist thing, because we kissed the Blarney Stone which was on top of the Castle and is supposed to give you the gift of eloquence, once you kissed the Blarney Stone with your head first and your feet up in the air. My mum even bought the photograph for 10 EUR where she was pictured doing that.

Another 3 hours journey was in front of us after that. The Ring of Kerry is a 180 km long circular tourist route with breathtaking sceneries and coastlines with a wonderful view on the sea in County Kerry South-western Ireland. Unfortunately the Irish changing weather crossed our path and we made our way to Killarney where we finally relaxed a bit, before we later went around in town. It is a lovely city I have to admit. 

Friday 3rd April. We set off early to Dingl Bay, after a gorgeous Irish breakfast which usually consists of sausages, grilled tomatoes, boiled or fried egg, ham  and bacon, baked beans and toast and sometimes even pancakes.


 Dingl Bay was beautiful, you have the lovely sea there, and we were lucky 'cause we had a very low tide so we could walk out on the sand which was like a mirror, as the watery sand reflected the sky and the mountain.


We spent our night in Limerick but before that we, as always, explored the town centre a bit. You can observe very well how the Celtic Tiger (the time when Ireland's economy boomed and suddenly fell into recession) affected Ireland in this City. Big shoppingcentres, Hotels etc were started to be built, but never finished. which isn't that pleasant to look at in the otherwise lovely scenery.

My personal Highlight I have to say were the Cliffs of Moher, That's where we went on Saturday. The Cliffs are about 8 km long and at the steepest 214 m high.

We enjoyed the walk on the Cliffpath, except my mum who was very worried about me when I wanted to take cool pictures on the edges of the cliffs.

After that we had a lovely afternoon and evening in Galway, when luckily the weather changed into positive.

And then we are already at the last day of our journey - Sunday.

We went back to Dublin where we looked at the lovely animals in Dublin Zoo. (took us a while to get there as well)

Unfortunately in the evening I had to say goodbye to my Family again, because they had an early flight on monday morning.

That was my wonderful week in the easterholidays with my family,, and now back to school!


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